New Home Builds

At Tennekee Properties, we embark on the journey of new home builds with dedication and expertise, meticulously crafting every detail to bring your vision to life, ensuring each space reflects the epitome of modern living, innovation, and timeless elegance.

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Total Home Restorations

Transforming time-worn dwellings into timeless treasures, Tennekee Properties specializes in total home restorations, where every detail is meticulously revived to breathe new life into your cherished space, preserving its character while enhancing functionality and comfort for generations to come.

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Commercial Projects

At Tennekee Properties, we specialize in turning commercial visions into realities, offering expert craftsmanship and innovative solutions for a wide range of projects. From sleek office renovations to expansive retail developments, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that elevate your business environment and exceed expectations.

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